Accessories & Options

When ordering your TigerTurf you will need to add the following options for installation.



TigerTurf recommends that all TigerTurf products are secured to the perimeter with a form of edging material. For all non curved edges we recommend tanalised wood baton. This can be purchased from any garden or DIY store.



TigerTurf recommends that beneath all TigerTurf products you should lay a geotextile membrane (please click here for installation instructions). The geotextile membrane has two main purposes; it acts as added protection for the backing of the artificial grass whilst also blocking the sunlight to ensure no weeds grow in to your perfect lawn. Please ensure you have at least the same amount of geotextile as TigerTurf product that you are looking to purchase. TigerTurf's geotextile comes in 50m2 rolls.               

Recycled Green Sand



Tigerturf recommends you apply a dressing of sand to all their products as it extends the life of the product and provides a more secure base. TigerTurf recommends using 0.5 -1.55mm washed and dried silica sand which is available from your local garden centres and building merchants. However if you want a more aesthetically pleasing surface which is better for the environment then why don’t you order our 100% recycled green sand.

To purchase or for more informartion on recycled green sand please call us on 01299 253966

Tape and Glue


TigerTurf’s tape and glue is manufactured by leading adhesives experts Envirostick. To be used across all seaming joints in conjunction with our artificial grass installation guide. Tape is bought in liners meter, with each tube of glue utilising 6 linear meters of tape.