Areas of Use

Artificial grass can be used in many different ways in many different areas; from gardens to play areas and exhibitions to large outdoor parks. We have been asked to provide imitation grass for many other unconventional ways, such as providing grass for the interior walls for the head office of innocent smoothies and for the decoration of furniture outside the national theatre.

Many people like to get creative with artificial grass but it is mostly used for traditional reasons. Below is a list of examples for the most popular usage of our different types of artificial grass.

Lawns and Gardens - transform your lifestyle...

                                Areas of Use for Artificial Lawns & Gardens

The most popular place you will find artificial grass is in gardens in many different types of homes. There are many reasons for this; the main one being that many people in today’s society have little time to spend nurturing their garden and giving it the proper care it needs. With artificial grass you can enjoy a beautiful garden throughout the year without the hassle of tending to it and looking after it every week.

With artificial grass you can have a soft textured lawn that you can enjoy along with your family and any pets you may have. Tiger Turf has a wide range of artificial grass types for you to choose from in a variety of shades of green and different textures. Many companies have chosen to use artificial grass for housing projects as it’s easy to maintain and when it comes to selling a house, buyers are very interested in having artificial grass in their garden. Artificial grass requires little maintenance and is very pleasing to the eye.

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Patios and Terraces - somewhere to chill...

                                 Patios & Terraces with Fake Grass

When living in a city it can be upsetting not having and greenery in your outdoor areas; such as grass. Creating your own outdoor living area exactly how you want it is very important; you shouldn’t have to sacrifice having a garden because you live in a city centre. Many people have begun transforming their balconies, patio area and terraces to create the outdoor living area that they really want, and they’re doing this by using artificial grass. Laying artificial grass is a simple process and can be easily done so there’s no need to worry about not being able to brighten up your urban city space, giving you somewhere to sit back and enjoy the view.

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Green Landscape - a pleasing view...

                                 Environmentally Friendly - Artificial Grass

Recently, many large estates and parks have begun to install artificial grass because it is easier to maintain over a vast amount of space. It can be hard for many owners of large amounts of land to keep real grass in the perfect condition that they would like because it needs a lot of care. With artificial grass you can easily look after large areas of land without the hassle of having to constantly water the grass, mow it and keep it alive throughout the year. Because you won’t have to do these things you will save money on constantly looking after your lawn and keeping it green.

TigerTurf offers premium artificial grass with the idea of perfect presentation in mind. Many people will benefit from the long lasting greenness of the vast amounts or perfectly kept artificial grass. It is a better option than replacing real grass with slabs on concrete and the appearance stays the same throughout the year. Many governments, councils and companies are using artificial grass because it looks better and is cheaper to look after.

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Playgrounds - for children and big kids...

                                 Fake Grass for Playgrounds

The importance of balancing fun with safety occupies parents and carers minds, so it is little surprise that more and more play areas feature artificial grass. Children love the natural appearance and soft feel, allowing their imaginations to run wild, whilst the clean environment is an extra bonus to parents.

Artificial grass can be installed to achieve three safety fall height options, when installed in conjunction with the correct shock pad, offering the perfect solution for nurseries, junior schools and community playgrounds. Artificial grass surfaces enable outdoor activity and learning for children to occur all year round, whatever the weather.

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Exhibitions and Temporary Flooring - let your imagination run wild...

                                 Artificial Grass for Exhibitions

Creating a distinctive setting to showcase your company or product is essential to attract attention at any event. Artificial grass offers a range of products for the exhibition arena that simulate the outdoor environment, offering the durability needed to withstand high levels of footfall in a concentrated area.

More and more temporary areas are using artificial grass as an alternative to carpet, the wide range of colours and interactive texture creates an eye catching and professional image for your company.

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