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Why TigerTurf

For beautiful outdoor spaces

TigerTurf, Artificial Grass Supplier Specialists

Welcome to TigerTurf, the UK’s leading artificial grass suppliers. Here you can find an amazing array of artificial turf that can help you create fantastic fake grass lawns, while being environmentally friendly as our products are made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Top TigerTurf Products Including Fake Grass Lawns

If you have a patchy pathetic lawn that is more mud than grass, or an urban yard where it is impossible to grow a grass lawn, the products here at TigerTurf could be just what you need to get that green and pleasant space. An artificial turf lawn can really enhance your property, giving you a gorgeous area that looks just as good as the real thing, while providing you with a place to chill out and where the kids can play. With TigerTurf you get all these benefits without the disadvantage of having to maintain your artificial turf lawn, so you can forget about the mower and just sit back and relax.

We can help you create fake grass lawns that look amazing and you can choose from a range of different turf types to get your ideal outdoor area. Our Vision turf for instance has a neat, just-mowed look, while our Fresco turf is a little longer and rougher and readier.  

If you would like to enhance your property with an artificial turf lawn you have come to the right place, so browse the site to find the ideal turf for you and get in touch today.