TigerTurf adds recycled products to its range


products to be released in the landscape collection. These four very different products from TigerTurf each reflect how proud TigerTurf is of being the only UK manufacturer of artificial grass by being named after 4 villages local to the TigerTurf factory.
Due to popular demand, three of these new products; Harvington, Hagley and Bewdley, are recycled as caring for the environment is one of TigerTurf’s top priorities.
Harvington is one of TigerTurf’s greener than green products. This environmentally friendly turf features a layer of grass made from recycled plastic bottles;15 per square metre. With three different shades of green and a light brown layer at the roots, this luxurious product is extremely realistic and soft underfoot. Harvington looks regal in appearance; this is a perfect product to add a touch of class to your outdoor space! RRP £25 M².
Hagley, offers customers a lighter colour option and also features a layer of grass made from recycled bottles -15 plastic bottles per square metre. Hagley’s texturized, light green yarns and light brown thatch layer come together to create a vibrant, healthy product that looks full of life whilst also looking like natural grass. RRP £25 M². 
Bewdley stands at 24mm in height, giving it that freshly mowed look. This hardwearing product also features a layer of grass made from recycled bottles - 15 plastic bottles per square metre and is great for use in medium traffic areas, which makes it ideal for families to enjoy and relax on. RRP £23.50 M²
Podmore is a hardwearing, hassle free, multi-use turf using olive green and beige yarns to create a natural look. Podmore is perfect for families who like to be outside as often as the weather allows enjoying and playing in the garden. RRP £22 M².
Where going green is concerned, TigerTurf has definitely got it covered.