Let your imagination run wild!

Artificial grass is used frequently at exhibits and events to create different settings for companies who wish to attract attention and create the perfect stage for their display. Our range of artificial grass is perfect to use at exhibits, events and shows due to the amount it can endure without being ruined or worn down. Artificial grass is great for creating a scene such as, advertising garden products or maybe you want to be that little bit different and create your own original scene using an artificial lawn even though your company have nothing to do with garden supplies or features. Our two best plastic grass types are Urban Terrace and Podmore. These two grass types vary in colour, thickness and material used but they are both highly suitable for any exhibit and event. They are vibrant in colours and can be used in many different ways covering small or large areas. If you would like more information about artificial grass for exhibitions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or give us a call.