Green Landscapes

a pleasing view

There are many different shades of green artificial lawns you can choose from, with our TigerTurf Vision Plus being the darkest and TigerTurf Vision Plus Deluxe being the lightest. The TigerTurf Vision Plus has a two tone green thatch layer which portrays a natural appearance, while the TigerTurf Vision Plus Deluxe replicates a freshly cut lawn. Our green landscapes can be used for a vast amount of space that needs to be covered with grass where constant upkeep isn't viable. This might include government owned sites, airports and public parks. The false grass is great in airports as it reduces foreign object damage, allows rescue vehicles or even aeroplanes to easily drive across, and erosion will be reduced helping to stabilise runways and taxiway shoulders. For government owned property it is great too, as it is a good solution to keeping your displays looking healthy and inviting. It can also stay green in hostile environments and where natural grass may grow unevenly. This will save the government money due to the lack of maintenance gardeners that are needed, and can reduce safety issues when working on central reservations or traffic islands. Our artificial grass is a great alternative to natural grass and can be used in a wide variety of situations.