Patios & Terraces

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When you are covering your patio or terrace you have the choice of our Urban Terrace artificial grass or our extremely versatile Podmore artificial grass. Our Podmore product can be used in a variety of situations, including patios and terraces. Thanks to its short fibres, it can withstand a lot of usage, making it perfect for an outdoor patio. The TigerTurf Urban Terrace is designed to be installed over existing decking, patios, slabs and concrete to create a wonderful green terrace grass effect. Much like the Podmore artificial grass, it has short fibres and can withstand high usage. It can be used for general terrace use, as grass on a playground or around a pool. Our imitation grass is a surface of synthetic fibres which are made to resemble natural grass. It is great for the busy person due to its low maintenance requirements, can withstand hostile conditions and comes with easy installation. Artificial lawns have really taken off in the past few years due to the drastic improvement in quality, cost and variety now available.