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TigerTurf Aspire

Hard wearing vibrant looking grass, perfect for the whole family...

Product details

Choose TigerTurf Aspire is you want your imitation grass to always look brand new. Designed with a specialist yarn that keeps every blade of artificial grass upright at all times, this artificial grass is sure to make your neighbours envious.

This grass offers up durability and long-lasting design, which will ensure you don’t have to replace your faux-lawn just a few years down the line. Our products are designed to last, so you can trust TigerTurf Aspire to stand up to the job.

Don’t worry about having to put up with the shiny patches that many artificial lawns from other companies suffer from. TigerTurf Aspire comes with a special ‘delustering’ effect that will reduce sun glare, making your lawn look 100% natural.

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What's the spec?

2 tones of green

Total Weight
2,215 grams/sqm


Yarn (grass) type

8 years (UV stability only)






Installation is simple... follow our step by step guide to the perfect lawn or take a further look at what accessories you might need.

 However if you would prefer to order your TigerTurf through one of our Approved Installers who can offer a supply and fit service click here to request further details. 

Customer review

"The kids absolutely love our TigerTurf. They are out enjoying the garden in all weathers. No matter how much they play on it, the grass still looks pristine."