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TigerTurf Finesse

As realistic as Finesse Deluxe but with a shorter height and density.

Product details

At TigerTurf, you can select from many different artificial grass designs to find the ideal one for you. If you have dogs, you should definitely choose our TigerTurf Finesse grass, which will serve its purpose perfectly.

TigerTurf Finesse is the ideal artificial grass for dogs thanks to its special construction, which sees it made with a varied colour effect to ensure it looks as natural as possible. TigerTurf Finesse is combines green and brown fibres that makes it even more realistic and, because we believe in our product so much, it comes with an eight year guarantee.

Your dog really won’t be able to tell the difference between TigerTurf grass and ‘real’ grass, meaning they’ll still be able to enjoy playing on your lawn. Even if the dog to ‘does his business’ on your artificial grass lawn, it won’t damage the fibres.

So, whether you want a durable lawn that isn’t easily damaged by your pets, or you just want a durable patch of grass that looks realistic, come to TigerTurf now.

And, if you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What's the spec?

2 tones of green
2 tones of brown

Total Weight
2,339 grams/sqm


Yarn type

8 years (UV stability ony)





Installation is simple... follow our step by step guide to the perfect lawn or take a further look at what accessories you might need.

 However if you would prefer to order your TigerTurf through one of our Approved Installers who can offer a supply and fit service click here to request further details.

Customer review

"No one can believe it's fake grass. All my neighbours keep touching just to check it's not real. We are happy with our grass and the way it looks."

Steve Braithwaite