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TigerTurf Vision Plus

A soft, dense surface with a two tone green thatch layer which gives a very natural appearance...

Product details

TigerTurf Vision Plus is one of our best imitation grass products that can provide you with a lawn that’s dense, high-quality and durable. This artificial grass uses two different fibres to create the deep green colour that you could get in your very own garden by having this lawn installed today.

This imitation grass looks incredibly real though, so your neighbours are sure to be envious of your lawn throughout the year. You can either install TigerTurf Vision Plus on your own, or get one of our approved installers to do the job for you - whichever is easier for you!

We’re so confident in the durability of this product that we’ll even throw in a free eight year guarantee for UV stability.

If you have any questions about this product or any of our others, get in touch now.

What's the spec?

2 tones of green  

Total Weight
2,098 grams/sqm

Yarn type

8 years (UV stability only)




Installation is simple... follow our step by step guide to the perfect lawn or take a further look at what accessories you might need.

However if you would prefer to order your TigerTurf through one of our Approved Installers who can offer a supply and fit service click here to request further details.

Customer review

"We always use TigerTurf for all our offices and other commercial projects. The grass looks great, works well with the environment and our maintenance costs are minimal."

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